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This FLAC download album is the "Best of..." album of Rene van der Wouden sequencer based tracks from the "Alchemia", "Universal Quiet", "Sequential Tourism" and "Numerus Fixus" albums in a remixed and remastered form plus one new track from 2011 called "Gruga Platz Vier".

This album is an excellent start for the listener who wants to explore the music of Rene van der Wouden. Fans of sequencer based/Berlin School type of electronic music will enjoy this record. From fast to faster sequences. Almost 1 hour and 50 minutes of fine instrumental electronic music from René van der Wouden.

The remix part of this album can be explained as follows: of each song several tracks were completely new recorded. These versions are the 2011 version of older tracks released in the past on various albums.

On the song "Far Across the Heavens" are the sequences recorded with the Moog analogue synthesizer. On the track "Golden Dreams" also from the Alchemia album, several sounds where replaced and others were added while they were recorded exclusively on the Waldorf XTk and Q synthesizers to give that TD "PPG" sound and feel. If you like those sounds which can be hears on TD's Exit, Logos, Hyperborea and Poland, this is for you.

Numerus Fixus Part 6 has been extended to over 11 minutes. Extra high speed sequencer parts were added. The extra 5 minutes were inspired on the famous Chris Franke concert in London.

The tracks of the "Universal Quiet" and "Sequential Tourism" albums are mostly remastered.

The openings track "Gruga Platz Vier" is composed and produced in 2011 for the live concert at the Gruga Park Essen, held on June 4th, 2011. This track is previously unreleased.

This album is only available as download.


released September 1, 2011



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REWO Netherlands

REWO is the electronic music project by Rene van der Wouden. REWO is a merge of the name and surname of Rene van der Wouden.

The music of REWO is a combination of electronic classical sequencer music with experimental ambient sounds.
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